7 Benefits of Meal Prepping

The UAE aims to be one of the happiest countries in the world as encouraged by the UAE’s minister of state for health and wellbeing.

Looking after your wellbeing includes eating well with home-cooked food. This is an essential tool in promoting good health. However, eating healthily can be difficult and it is easy to be distracted from your goals by the lure of good restaurants and easily available takeaways on Deliveroo or Zomato. Meal prep is a great way of taking control of your eating habits.

Here are 7 key benefits of meal prepping:

1. Stop Wasting Time

Never waste time again trying to figure out what to eat, especially when you are tired after a day at work. Instead, plan ahead for your lunches and dinners and prepare them all in advance. Meal prep will save you so much time as you will have a ready prepared dish waiting for you. Do the prep when you have the time and then you can spend your free time doing other things you actually enjoy.

2. Save Money

One of the biggest factors that prevent people from eating healthily is the cost of all the fresh ingredients required for preparing home cooked meals. Making a meal plan means that you can cook larger quantities, freeze meals for future use and take advantage of bulk buy offers. You will never again have a jar of spices that only gets used once. You will also save money by avoiding eating out or getting take-away food on a regular basis, leaving you the spare cash to spend on other healthier indulgences such as gym membership, new clothes of the latest juice cleanse diet.

3. Portion Control

Overeating is the enemy of anyone wanting to be healthy. It can be difficult to control your portions when you are cooking a meal especially as you don’t want to waste food. A healthy meal plan can help you by having prepared healthy portions in advance and stop you from being tempted to overfill your plate. Eating a home-cooked meal will also stop you from indulging in restaurant meals and being tempted by takeaways that serve overly large portions and this will help your plans for weight loss.

4. Reduce Your Stress

Deciding what to eat every night can be stressful – nothing worse than having an empty fridge when you get home from work. It can be hard to know what to choose and this can lead to you making unhealthy choices. Meal prep means that you only need to think about your food once or twice a week. Get the job done and then you can forget all about it, giving you more time to do other more relaxing and enjoyable things.

5. Learn New Skills

Making a healthy meal plan will force you to look at different recipes and tackle new skills. Even a total beginner can master the basics when following a simple recipe. Use your meal prep time to enhance your cooking abilities and learn new techniques. You will explore different ingredients and new and interesting ways of cooking. Before you know it you will have conquered your kitchen and become a gourmet meal plan chef in your own home.

6. Make Healthier Decisions

Whether you follow a meal plan for weight loss or want to cook keto meal plans at home, you will develop a more healthy relationship with nutrition. You will come to understand the right balance of nutrients to make you healthy and fit. Learning about food will prevent you from overeating and encourage you to recognise hunger pans and avoid emotional eating. Take control of your cravings by eating good natural food. You will find yourself naturally drawn towards making healthy choices with food as you develop new good habits.

7. Be Inspiring

Use meal prep as a kickstart to a whole new healthier lifestyle. As you lose weight, get fitter and benefit from better nutrition, your changes will inspire and encourage others to follow your path. It will not be long before others notice the positive changes you have made and they will want to know your secret.

Share your ideas with others as you adapt to the changes you have made and show them how easy it is to meal prep and take control of your life in a positive way. Their feedback will in turn motivate you to continue with your new healthy lifestyle… by meal prepping…. Dubai style.