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About Go Organic

Year Founded: 2012

Based: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

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Go Organic supplies a range of cleansing and detox plans to help you achieve your goals of weight loss or detoxing your body. Go Organic was started by Meenaxy Vashishtha following her drive to lose excess weight and boost her energy levels. She discovered the power of juices and vegan eating.


Go Organic offers a wide range of products to help you follow a healthy lifestyle and promote weight loss. They provide juices, soups, broths, keto and low carb goods, functional and immunity shots, smoothies and meal replacements as well as pure press products.

Go Organic Juice Cleanses

Go Organic provides a variety of plans for cleanses that specialise in super weight loss, keto, athletic, and detox. They also offer a value deal plan. Their plans are all made from ingredients that are 100% organic, totally fresh, cold-pressed, with no artificial flavours and diabetic friendly.


1. High Weight Loss Cleanse

The Go Organic High Weight Loss Plan consists of 5 or 7 days, both with one additional free day. Each day you will receive 1 cold-pressed juice, 5 hearty soups and 3 immunity-boosting shots. This skinny cleanse plan is tasty and filling and is also easy to follow, helping to boost your weight loss. You will be satisfied and have increased energy with fewer headaches and less tiredness. The soups contain vegetables that are low on the GI scale and are packed with fibre, making them highly satisfying.


The cleanse will support your body’s detox system and improve the bacteria in your gut.  The soups and shots together deliver all the nutrients you need and are easy on your digestive system.


2. Weight Loss Soup and Juice Cleanse

The 5-day Go Organic Vegetable soup cleanse is made with mostly fresh farm vegetables. You can choose between a high fibre or low sugar option.


The soups are very low on the GI scale and packed with fibre meaning they are very satisfying. All the Soups and Juices are Gluten-free, Dairy-free, 100 % vegan and plant-based.


You can use the Vegetable Soup and Juice Cleanse as the first step towards a long-lasting lifestyle change or jumpstart to a weight loss regimen. It can help people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and people with autoimmune conditions. The 5-day cleanse can reset your eating habits or boost your diet after a holiday.  It is easily digested and packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.


3. Keto Cleanse

The 5-day Go Organic Keto Cleanse gives you the choice between a weight loss diet or a weight-loss option.

The weight loss diet option provides less than 2 net carbs per shake. It will help your body to adapt to a keto diet and reduce the cravings that can make the start of a keto diet difficult as your body adjusts to burning fat (ketones). It will help your body to heal and cleanse and reset your metabolism to lose weight, regain health and boost energy levels.


The weight loss option provides you with all the benefits of a keto diet through soups and shakes. It will help your body to burn fat (ketones) and lose weight by reducing your carb and sugar intake. The soups, shakes and juices provide a big hit of nutrients that are easy to absorb. They will transform and heal your body helping you to feel good.  


4. Detox Cleanse

The 7-day Go Organic detox cleanse is nourishing and will promote weight loss and boost immunity. You will receive 6 juices per day. Each juice contains approximately 1.5 kg of plants. You will get a balance of cleanses based on your questionnaire results which will ensure your detox is tailor-made to give you the best results. You can have additional snacks such as salad, vegetables and nuts.


You will move between 4 levels of cleanse:


  • Refresh Cleanse of 844 calories per day.
  • Ayurveda Cleanse of 750 calories a day, containing ancient Indian herbs.
  • Low Glycemic Cleanse which is heavily vegetable-based and only 640 calories a day.
  • Super Green Cleanse with only 350 calories a day and filled with green juices.


5. Athletes and High Protein Cleanse Plan

This 5-day Go Organic Athletes plan provides 40 grams of plant-based protein each day or 60g on the Power Up version. This plan is the ideal way to reset your body whilst providing the fuel for your body to keep building muscle and allow you to stay active throughout the cleanse. It will encourage your body to lose fat and further define your muscle. It will leave you energised and ready for workouts. You will get 3 plant-based juices and 3 protein smoothies per day.


6. Value Cleanse Plan

This 4 week Go Organic plan is tailor-made using all cleanse packages and offers you the choice to vary your cleanse according to your preferences.

Go Organic Juice Cleanse Prices

Go Organic juice cleanse pricing can be customised for you
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  • Full Juice Plan Trial Available
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Go Organic Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a Go Organic Cleanse Plan?

To find out more information about all of the cleanse plans and services that Go Organic provides as well as the exclusive UAEMealPlans.com offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to Go Organic, and a Go Organic cleanse specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. Is all of Go Organic produce organic?

Originally the brand Go Organic aimed to support local organic farmers in the UAE. After many years the company felt that it could not source all the produce required throughout the year. They changed their focus to finding the best quality fresh produce that met very high standards. Although the name of the company is Go Organic they no longer use organic produce. Instead, they use more sustainably produced local and GCC sourced produce as much as possible.


3. What are the benefits of Go Organic’s cold-pressed juices?

Go Organic ME is one of the leading Cold Pressed Juice suppliers in Dubai. Their cold-pressed juices supply vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which provide better nutrition and have a great taste. The juices are free of preservatives, concentrates, and heat pasteurisation.


4. Why should I choose a Go Organic Cleanse Plan?

Go Organic knows that our modern busy lifestyle leads to making unhealthy choices based on convenience foods that are processed and lack nutrients. Their cleanse plans provide an easy kickstart which is quick and convenient and will boost your nutrient intake.


The ingredients are fresh, healthy, and safe and they allow your body to take a break from toxins. You will get a boost in energy and help your major organs to work efficiently. In addition, you will see other benefits such as glowing skin, reduction in bloating and intense hydration as well as weight loss. It is simple to get started and you need no effort in preparation. Order a cleanse today to give your body the care it deserves.

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