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Year Founded: 2019

Based: Dubai

Meal Plan Trial Offered: YES – Please enter your information below for an instant callback from Meal Plans. are a boutique meal plan company who deliver premium meal plans to your doorstep in eco-friendly packaging. Living good starts with good food! It feeds people physically and emotionally.  They are meticulous about the ingredients they choose and how they guarantee that the freshest nutrients stay locked in for you.


It takes time and effort to source the best ingredients, sort through nutritional information and get around to cooking it all. At they’ll do that for you!  Each meal is carefully crafted by their nutritionist and prepared by their chef to make sure that your food intake is in line with your nutrition goals.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just eat delicious, healthy food made from great produce, aims to make nutritious and tasty food conveniently accessible to you. 

Meal Plans Meal Plans

To target a specific body or performance goal, meals are calorie and macro-nutrient counted, but it does not mean that they do not see nutrition beyond that. The food is by far more than protein, carbohydrates, and fats because it nourishes each body cell with vitamins, minerals, and other specific compounds which are essential for good health. believes that the best results can be achieved with an evidence-based approach with a holistic twist. The results may vary from person to person, but most of their clients see and feel the transformation in as little as one week: healthy weight loss, improved digestion, energy boost, and better concentration.


1. Weight Loss Meal Plan

This is for those who want to lose weight or are looking for a more balanced diet. This plan is moderately low in carbohydrates and high in protein to ensure healthy and sustainable weight loss.


2. Athlete Meal Plan

This meal plan is designed for those who spend a significant amount of time exercising. The meals are high in protein which will help to generate lean muscle mass and to achieve your performance and body goals.


3. Gluten/Dairy-Free Meal Plan

Restore your well-being with the Gluten/Dairy-Free lifestyle meal plan. The meals are nutrient-packed, low-inflammatory and deliciously prepared by the chefs.


4. Vegetarian Meal Plan

There are different ways to approach vegetarianism: lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, pescatarian… Sound complicated? Whatever kind of vegetarian you are, they’ve got you covered.


5. Vegan Meal Plan

The vegan meal plan contains meals made with wholesome foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Enjoy all the benefits of the plant-based diet lifestyle delivered to your doorstep.


6. New Mom Meal Plan

This menu was specially developed to cover specific nutritional needs of this important time in a woman’s life.  It is a gluten-free and dairy-free meal plan, which includes hormone/antibiotic-free meats and poultry, low – mercury fish and seafood, free-range eggs.

Meal Plans Meal Plan Prices

Meal Plans meal plan pricing can be customised for you
  • Meal Plans Personalised For Your Goals
  • Full Meal Plan Trial Available
  • Specialist Nutrition Advice Available
  • Exclusive Offers and Promotions Available

Meal Plans Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a Meal Plans Meal Plan?

To find out more information about all of the meal plans and services that Meal Plans provides as well as the exclusive offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to Meal Plans, and a Meal Plans nutrition and meal plan specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. How many days do cover?

Their meal plans cover 5 days a week, Sunday to Thursday.


3. How are the meals delivered?

All products are prepared fresh and delivered in temperature-controlled vans with ice packs inside the special cooler bag to maintain the quality of the meals. The cooler bags will be left outside your doorstep.


4. Do Meal Plans customize meal plans?

Yes can customize meal plans at an additional cost.


5. How often do the menu change?

You will receive different meals on a daily basis, and their menu changes on a monthly basis. However, popular signature dishes will always be available on the menu.

Enter your details below for an instant callback from Meal Plans

Your information will be sent directly to Meal Plans, and a Meal Plans nutrition specialist will give you an instant callback.