About MySixPak

Year Founded: 2015

Based: Al Quoz, Dubai

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MySixPak offers one of the UAE’s leading gourmet meal plan services. They use a scientific approach to physique management and their team of experts design healthy meal plans to rapidly speed up your metabolism to reduce body fat.


They have a wide range of gourmet meal plans that provide the right combination of macro-balanced nutrients to generate lean, healthy muscle mass. Their meal plans boost energy levels and allow members to eat more, focus better, and diet less.


MySixPak nutritionists create and tailor meal plans that change daily. The meals are carefully prepared by MySixPak chefs each morning using only the finest ingredients. As well as receiving healthy meal plans, MySixPak members can also enjoy free access to a range of fitness events, fitness classes, social events, and professionally created workout routines.

MySixPak Meal Plans

MySixPak offers 4 meal plans. All the plans are delivered fresh from the kitchen to your preferred location at a time of your choosing between 3.30am – 7.00am or from 7.30am -10.30am 


Each day your meal plan bag will arrive containing your 3 main meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with 2 delicious snacks and 1 fresh juice or fruit pot making up your very own SixPak! In addition, they will send you protein baked goodies from their famous protein bakery!


1. Women’s ToneUp Meal Plan

This MySixPak meal plan is tailored for women who want to speed up their metabolism and burn body fat. It is also effective for females who want to sustain their current healthy weight.  This meal plan contains just the right combination of foods and nutrients to tone up and maintain a lean physique.


​You can also choose an ultra-low-carb Super ToneUp plan if you are looking for express weight loss. The ToneUp meal plan provides 1300 calories per day and ​Super ToneUp provides 1000 calories per day. 


2. Women and Men’s CurveUp

This MySixPak meal plan is designed for women or men who spend a significant amount of time exercising. This is also the perfect plan for people who want to develop a curvier, more sculpted physique.


This meal plan promises to help you experience new levels of strength and energy, be leaner and see enhanced definition to your shape. It provides 1600 calories per day.


3. Men’s LeanUp Meal Plan

This MySixPak meal plan is designed to accelerate metabolism in order to burn excess fat. The high protein content and macronutrient ratios allow your body to generate fresh muscle tissue.


It is designed to create a super-lean, muscular physique. This plan will boost your energy levels and leave you looking seriously cut. You will shred within weeks and drop body fat significantly. It provides approximately 2000 calories per day.


4. Men’s BuildUp Meal Plan

The MySixPak meal plan is designed to give big gains. This protein-rich meal plan is specifically formulated for men to provide maximum muscle gains whilst burning body fat.


It will help with rapid mass increase when eaten in parallel with an effective workout routine. It provides 3000 calories per day.

MySixPak Meal Plan Prices

MySixPak meal plan pricing can be customised for you
  • Meal Plans Personalised For Your Goals
  • Full Meal Plan Trial Available
  • Specialist Nutrition Advice Available
  • Exclusive Offers and Promotions Available

MySixPak Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a MySixPak Meal Plan?

To find out more information about all of the meal plans and services that MySixPak provides as well as the exclusive offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to MySixPak, and a MySixPak nutrition and meal plan specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. Why is MySixPak different?

MySixPak promises to never compromise on freshness so they cook their food from scratch every morning. This way the food always reaches clients bursting with flavour and freshness, straight from the kitchen. 


3. What times and days do MySixPak deliver?

The MySixPak standard packages are delivered 5 or 6 days per week depending on your requirements. The MySixPak kitchen is closed on Friday, so if you select 6 days, your 6th delivery will arrive on Saturday.  They ask you to specify a time window time between 3.30 am – 7.00 am or 7.30 am – 10.30 am for the bag drop.


4. I’m not really looking to build muscle, is MySixPak right for me? 

MySixPak clients range from professional athletes and MMA fighters to post-natal mothers who are looking to get their old physique back. If you’re committed to eating well and training right, you’ll enjoy gains from the MySixPak meal plans.

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Your information will be sent directly to MySixPak, and a MySixpak nutrition specialist will give you an instant callback.