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About Nourishing Dubai

Year Founded: 2015

Based: Al Quoz, Dubai

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Nourishing Dubai aims to take an integrated approach to nutrition and build a foundation for long-term sustainable health without gimmicks or quick fixes. 


Nourishing supplies clean food and they toss out processed foods, get rid of inflammatory foods, add healing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying foods – which have the power to heal in ways that conventional Western medicine cannot. The Nourishing Lifestyle is focused on the idea of making the best choices for your body purely because you want to.


Nourishing is not just about eating clean – it’s about living clean. This means that Nourishing meal plans are not a diet but a lifestyle. They believe that what you put into your body forms the foundation for the rest of your life and affects your relationships, career and happiness.


Nourishing believes in nourishing, NOT starving or guilting. They create dishes that taste great but don’t rely on traditionally abused ingredients that can stress your immune system or waistline. 

Nourishing Dubai Meal Plans

Nourishing offers a 24-day meal plan that does not repeat a recipe for the duration of the month, to give your body the nutritional variety it needs and your mind the flavour variety it craves.


Nourishing uses the best ingredients such as crisp, organic, local kale and aged grass-fed New Zealand beef. Nourishing works closely with functional medicine practitioners as well as top-tier gyms and nutritionists, both locally and internationally, to make sure you are receiving the very best food, no matter your priorities.


The Nourishing kitchen and all the recipes are 100% paleo and gluten, dairy, refined sugar & soy-free.  They ferment their own probiotics in-house and include vegan and raw recipes to keep your digestive system happy.


All of their organic meal delivery programs are nutritionally designed based on a nutrient-dense, whole, fresh, plant-based diet that includes plenty of protein and healthy fats. The Nourishing Dubai program helps balance, restore, and heal your body. Their clients report results ranging from the physical – improved immune function, decreased body fat, increased muscle tone, balanced blood panel, flatter tummy, clearer, brighter skin, the mental –increased energy, better focus, banished cravings & post-lunch crashes and the spiritual – peace and comfort in knowing that you are being taken care of.

Nourishing Dubai Meal Plan Prices

Nourishing Dubai meal plan pricing can be customised for you
  • Meal Plans Personalised For Your Goals
  • Full Meal Plan Trial Available
  • Specialist Nutrition Advice Available
  • Exclusive Offers and Promotions Available

Nourishing Dubai Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a Nourishing Dubai Meal Plan?

To find out more information about all of the meal plans and services that Nourishing Dubai provides as well as the exclusive offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to Nourishing Dubai, and a Nourishing Dubai nutrition and meal plan specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. Can Nourishing accommodate my food allergies and intolerances? 

Yes, they accommodate select allergies and intolerances.  You can select up to three (3) in addition to the ones that are excluded by their clean eating philosophy. Keep in mind that their programs are free of gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, and legumes. If you select an allergy, you may receive a meal substitution.


They make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross-contamination, but they cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross-contamination with your meals. Food allergy reactions can range from mild to severe. If you have a food allergy, please let them know at the time of your first order.


3. Can I choose my Nourishing meals? 

They offer a set menu of delicious meals that rotates monthly as well as seasonally. Their meals are nutritionally designed for optimal health so they guarantee that you and your body will love all of our meals. They believe in variation – both for your taste buds and your general health – so they do not repeat a recipe over a month.


4. Does the program include snacks or dessert? 

The meal plan is designed to nourish you and keep you feeling satisfied all day so you should not feel the need to snack.  That being said, sometimes they just won’t be able to resist sending you something new to nibble on whether it is a crunchy snack or yummy dessert.


5. Where do Nourishing Dubai deliver?

Nourishing Dubai’s organic meal delivery program is currently available in the Emirate of Dubai.


6. What do I do with the cooler bags my program is delivered in?

The Nourishing delivery team will pick up any leftover cooler bags and ice packs you have when they bring your next day of food. You can leave your bags with your doorman, hang them on your doorknob, or hand them to our delivery person directly, with the ice packs tucked inside.

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Your information will be sent directly to Nourishing Dubai, and a Nourishing Dubai nutrition specialist will give you an instant callback.