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About Right Bite

Year Founded: 2004

Based: Al Manara, Dubai

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Right Bite was created to help you go about your day, without you having to worry about your nutritional needs, by providing expert nutritional advice and a customised health meal plan delivery service.


Right Bite aims to help customers achieve long-term wellness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing bespoke meal packages that are convenient, flavourful, and most importantly, results-oriented.

Right Bite Meal Plans

Right Bite meal plans offer something for everyone and allow you access to healthy, freshly made and personalised meal plans that you can enjoy hassle-free.


Whether you are pregnant or looking to go on a cleanse, lose, gain or maintain your weight, control diabetes, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels, or just want to eat healthy food, Right Bite has a meal plan for you that fits with your lifestyle. Each Right Bite meal plan is designed by fully qualified dietitians and prepared by culinary chefs using only fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients to keep you healthy, full of energy, and committed.


Right Bite offer 7 meal plans choices:


1. Renew You Meal Plan

The Renew You bespoke meal plan is designed around your goals to help you achieve weight loss or weight maintenance, and improve your health. Using the freshest, most natural, and wholesome ingredients, this calorie-controlled meal plan helps you optimize your daily intake of nutrients and helps you to achieve your goals. If you are looking to lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol or control your diabetes, this is the Right Bite meal plan for you. 


2. Low Carb Meal Plan

The Right Bite Low Carb meal plan is designed for those looking for a diet that is lower in carbs and higher in protein, yet still nutrient-dense. This low-carb meal plan will help to reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein consumption without increasing fat and calorie amounts.


3. Vie Is For Vegan Meal Plan

Vegan meal plans seem to be all the rage at the moment and with the Vie Is For Vegan Right Bite meal plan you can make the most of a plant-based diet which can help to improve your heart and bone health, reduce your cancer risk and not only reduce risks of chronic diseases but also potential environmental impact.


4. Balanced Mom Meal Plan

With the Right Bite Balanced Mom meal plan, you can ensure a nutritious pregnancy, where both you and your baby eat healthy and tasteful foods. This pregnancy meal plan is loaded with the vitamins and minerals that you both require during your pregnancy and also after birth, whilst breastfeeding.


5. The Basic Meal Plan

Looking to keep things simple? The Right Bite Basic meal plan allows you to do just that, with 3 meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered straight to your door. This simple, yet effective meal plan is available as a weight loss meal plan, a low carb meal plan, or a vegan meal plan, and allows you to strip out snacks and focus on the 3 core meals.


6. Selective Plus Meal Plan

Need a meal plan that caters to allergies, sensitivities, or food intolerances? Right Bite’s Selective Plus meal plan ensures that you can still eat healthy, tasty food that is dairy-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, soy-free, or even egg-free. If you experience bloating, suffer from IBS, regular yeast infections, eczema or are lactose intolerant, this meal plan can help keep you healthy, clean, and energized.


7. Prepped Meal Plan

The Prepped meal plan allows you to take away the stress of meal prep and take control of your nutrition. You can design your meal plan just the way you like it, so if you are counting macros, want to mix a low-carb meal plan with a plant-based meal plan, then Prepped allows you to build and eat just the way you want. You pick your protein, you pick your carbs, you pick your meal plan, and let Right Bite take care of cooking and delivery.

Right Bite Meal Plan Prices

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Right Bite Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a Right Bite meal plan and are there any special offers or trial periods.

To find out more information about all of the meal plans and services that Right Bite provides as well as the exclusive UAEMealPlans.com offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to Right Bite, and a Right Bite nutrition and meal plan specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. How does Right Bite ensure food safety and hygiene?

In line with Dubai Municipality food safety requirements, Right Bite is a fully HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) certified company and takes all precautions to ensure a safe environment at all stages in the food chain.


Right Bite operates from a central kitchen that is fully ISO 22000 certified (an internationally recognised food safety certification) to ensure the production of high-quality, healthy, and fresh meal plans.


3. How does Right Bite ensure I stay engaged with the meal plan?

Right Bite meal plans allow you to choose from over 20 different menu options per day, with each meal plan designed to provide you with the exact amount of calories to help you reach your personalised health goals. When you sign up for a Right Bite meal plan you get access to a client service rep who ensures you are fully satisfied with your Right Bite meal plan and who will be your point of contact to discuss changes in your menu, delivery location, or travel schedule.


4. How does Right Bite monitor progress?

When you sign up for a meal plan, you will go through a full nutrition assessment with a Right Bite dietitian who will help you set your targets and choose the best meal plan based on your individual requirements and day-to-day lifestyle.

Included within your healthy meal plan are ongoing follow-ups with and nutrition advice from your dedicated dietitian, who all have experience in dealing with weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, adolescent nutrition, eating disorders, pre, and post-natal diets, and pre and post-bariatric surgery.

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