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Year Founded: 2015

Based: Silicon Oasis, Dubai

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Theo’s Point is a meal plan provider that has been founded on a philosophy of creating long-term health and wellbeing benefits through customizing meal plans to each person’s body type. The core of their offering is balanced meals with only natural ingredients providing a natural detox to the whole system. There are no preservatives, no cans, and no hormones.


Health is achieved through a holistic approach encompassing different cuisines of the world. There are a mix of tastes using herbs and spices to stimulate the digestive enzymes, and a unique blend of nutrients, and main food groups in accordance with the Ayurvedic science on body types. Theo’s Point also follows the World Health Organization and the American Dietician Association guidelines on macro and micro-nutrients.


Theo’s Point works in close collaboration with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic, so clients are followed by a clinical dietician, who assists with various medical conditions, in addition to addressing emotional and mental aspects of health using counselling. For the more sceptical, Theo’s food is too good and tasty to be healthy. But Theo knows that good digestion can only happen with a good taste.

Theo’s Point Meal Plans

Theo’s Point provides 8 meal plan suggestions based on your individual needs and bio-individuality. Theo understands that some people need a more personalised plan. If the plans do not work for you then Theo will assist you.


1. Healthy Best Meal Plan

Whether you are too busy to cook a homemade meal for yourself and your family, or whether you are just looking for a balanced meal with incredible flavour, Theo’s Point’s Healthy Best Meal Plan is for you.


Through the Healthy Best Meal Plan, Theo offers a tasty, nutritious and healthy meal day after day, aiming to bring balance to every aspect of yourself and keeping your energy at its optimum level. Living and eating in harmony with nature and by season can provide you with the difference you’re looking for in healthy eating for a healthy life.


2. Weight Loss Meal Plan

Theo advocates rethinking your approach to weight loss and invites you to open up to a totally different adventure for weight management. At Theo’s Point weight loss is about losing the memory and patterns that come with it. This will bring about a halt to a very destructive inner war – that takes us from one extreme to another in a vicious cycle.


Join Theo on the weight management adventure, take up the challenge, and dare to discover by yourself the weight you are meant to have, in order to stay healthy and balanced, sustain your energy at an optimal level and keep your confidence strong. It will help you live a healthy life and maintain the right weight year after year.


3. Fitness Meal Plan

Theo’s Fitness Meal Plan helps active people to achieve their best athletic performance physically while maintaining emotional and mental balance. Theo developed the Fitness Meal Plan in close collaboration with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic team of dieticians, health coaches, physiotherapists, and doctors.


Theo also aligned the plan with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the American College of Sports Medicine and the Olympics fitness guidelines that follow a fresh, whole-foods philosophy for an athlete’s core diet.


Theo follows a scientific evidence-based approach combining the best of ancient and modern science. Theo’s Point guides and educates people not only to achieve their personal fitness goals but helps people to heal from a variety of lifestyle conditions and conditions including diabetes, heart diseases, lipid disorders or auto-immune diseases. The right ingredients in the right blend found in Theo’s Fitness Plan will create the alchemy necessary for the body to heal itself and sustain a good fitness level and unlock an inner unlimited source of energy.


4. Pregnancy Meal Plan

To help mothers-to-be achieve optimal health for themselves and nourish their growing child within, Theo developed the Wellbeing Mother Plan in close collaboration with the Eupepsia Medical Clinic team of dieticians and doctors.


The plan starts with pregnancy and extends to delivery and beyond, to help ensure the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of new mothers.  Whereas post-natal depression has become an accepted state for many women, Theo found out through his research that it could be avoided with a carefully designed plan that will repair new mothers’ imbalances and restore her to a state of balance and wellbeing.


5. Sleeping Meal Plan

On his journey, Theo took up the challenge to understand why people find it difficult to fall asleep, suffer from fitful sleep, are unable to sleep through the night with an uninterrupted sleep pattern, wake up always tired even though they sleep long hours, and why they are not able to fall into a proper, deep sleep. After much searching and many experiences, he realized that the extension of these sleep problems were anxiety, fear and insecurity, feeling restless and indecision. Theo made it part of his mission to find an all-encompassing solution that did not require medication.


The Sleeping Meal Plan invites you to take a leap of faith: break free from what you think is right, but is not working for you, and embrace what could be a life-changing experience.


6. Vegan Meal Plan

As part of his research, Theo uncovered that a plant-based diet can be a good option for certain people at specific times of their life.  Plant-based diets can be high in fibre, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and folate, while being low in saturated fats.


The Vegan Meal Plan is plant-based and excludes meat, eggs and dairy. It provides an array of health benefits. Theo developed the Vegan plan with the right variety, combination of taste and nutrition components.


7. Macrotwist Meal Plan

On his travels, and in the Far East, Theo came across an interesting diet that could be very helpful in providing a kick-start to someone’s metabolism, while having a purifying effect on their system.


The word macrobiotic comes from the traditional Greek and means ‘life force’. It consists of eating a balanced natural food diet, focusing on organic whole grains and vegetables, in harmony with the seasons, the climate and the environment. The Macrobiotic theory is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.


The Macrotwist Plan is a mainly vegetarian-based diet with some fish from time to time. Its benefits are becoming increasingly recognized even in the medical field. It is said that it could decrease and even eliminate the risk of coronary disease, as well as prevent and even control cancer. Although it is not a weight loss program, overweight people will lose excess weight in the process of purification.


8. Managing Intolerances Meal Plan

Theo noticed that intolerances had become a big topic in modern society. Intolerances affect the way people digest and absorb nutrients and can consequently have a detrimental impact on people’s lives and that of their loved ones. What became a way of life for some, such as living with bloating, headaches, sinus problems, asthma, eczema, spinal distortion, and a range of other conditions, is now labelled as an allergy or intolerance.


Theo created this plan so you can safely manage your intolerances with ease.  Through his Managing Intolerances Meal Plan, Theo commits to providing you with the safest ingredient mix, prepared with vitamin L, as part of a delicious and balanced meal, that addresses intolerance issues and helps to eliminate your symptoms through a natural intake of the right foods for you.


Theo also urges you to understand that even though it is a trend to label everything under the intolerance flag, sometimes intolerances are just a symptom of another problem whose root causes can be solved in a totally different manner. And his question for you is: are intolerances at the root cause of digestion problems or is it that digestion problems are the root cause of intolerances? Theo with the help of Eupepsia can help you find the right answer.

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Theo’s Point Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for a Theo’s Point Meal Plan?

To find out more information about all of the meal plans and services that Theo’s Point provides as well as the exclusive offers and trial periods that are available, submit your information on the form at the bottom of this page. Your information will be sent directly to Theo’s Point, and a Theo’s Point nutrition and meal plan specialist will give you an instant callback.


2. How do I select the right Theo’s Point’s meal plan?

You can meet with the clinical dietitian for a consultation, and they will help you choose the right meal plan for you. Just fill in the form below for an instant callback.


3. How are Theo Point’s meal plans delivered?

After placing an order, you will receive your meal bag within 72 hours and can start enjoying the benefits instantly.


4. How long do the Theo’s Point meal plans last?

The meal plans all last for 20, 26 or 30 days depending on your selection.

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