Body Fat Calculator

Our Body Fat calculator can be used to calculate an estimate of your total body fat based on some vital body measurements. Everyone needs some essential body fat which is used by our bodies to maintain life and reproductive functions. The other type of fat is known as storage fat and excess amounts can have a negative impact on your health.


Once you have calculated your body fat percentage you will be better informed to choose healthy eating meal plans such as weight loss meal plans or keto meal plans which can help you to control your calorie intake and reduce your body weight if you need to. Meal prepping can ensure that you make healthy choices regarding the types of food you eat and help you to choose lean proteins and complex carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains which help you to reduce your body fat.


Calculate your Body Fat percentage using our Body Fat Calculator below:

Calculate Your Body Fat

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How to Calculate Body Fat?

There are different methods to calculate body fat percentage. Some of the most accurate methods need special equipment and should only be administered by experts. However, it is possible to get an estimate of your body fat percentage by using our simple calculator. The only piece of equipment that you will need is a tape measure to work out your measurements.


This will give you a great starting point for estimating your body fat percentage and help you to make decisions over the healthy eating plans that are right for you. It should only take five minutes to do the measurements you need for using our calculator and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.


  • To estimate your body fat, you need to measure your waist, neck, and height. The calculation also takes into account your gender. For women, you also need to include your hip measurement. Be consistent with the unit by choosing imperial (English) or metric.
  • For accuracy, when measuring you need to follow the instructions below and use a measuring tape. It might help to have someone assist you. Remember to measure under your clothes:
  • Measure your waist horizontally. Men should measure around their navel at its largest point and women should measure their smallest width. Relax and do not hold in your stomach!
  • Measure your neck below the larynx with the tape sloping downwards. Keep the neck relaxed and straight.


Women only should measure their hips at the largest horizontal circumference.


Our calculator takes these measurements and calculates your body fat percentage using a method developed by Hodgdon and Beckett in 1984 known as the US Navy method.


What do my Body Fat Results Mean?

The recommended amount of body fat for women is 20-25% and for men is 8-14%. You will be considered obese if you have over 30% (for women) and 25% (for men).


You can see from this table below that athletes and people with excellent fitness have lower levels of body fat.


Category                 Women         Men

Essential Fat          10-13%          2-5%

Athletes                   14-20%         6-13%

Fitness                     21-24%          14-17%

Average                   25-31%          18-25%

Obese                       30+%             25+%


Whilst some fat is essential as it stores lipids that create energy and creates hormones and insulation, excess fat can be detrimental to your health.


Is the Body Fat Calculator helpful?

Knowing your body fat percentage is another tool to see how healthy or unhealthy you are. Having excess body weight will lead to being overweight and eventually being obese. BMI can show whether you are overweight or obese but it does not indicate your body fat levels. So, you can have a high BMI and be overweight but actually have a high muscle mass from weight training rather than high levels of body fat. There are also some variations depending on bone density and water content.


Using the body fat calculator alongside your BMI calculation can show whether your weight is a problem. If your measurements indicate that your body fat is too high then you know that you should take action to reduce it by starting healthy eating plans or weight loss plans. Similarly, if your body fat is too low you can address your diet to ensure that you put on weight to store the recommended amount of fat to keep your body healthy.


Why is Excess Body Fat a Problem?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies obesity as one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world. Many studies have shown that excess body fat, particularly fat around the abdomen, can affect the balance and function of many hormones produced by the body.

Visceral body fat, which wraps around the organs in the abdomen, can also increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. This visceral fat is also associated with increased cholesterol levels, particularly bad cholesterol known as LDL cholesterol. This can lead to clogged arteries and complications such as heart attacks. This fat can also lead to the development of insulin resistance, high sugar levels and type 2 diabetes.


Is Low Body Fat a Problem?

Too low body fat is also a problem. Men who have lower than 6% body fat and women who have less than 16% body fat are considered to have too low body fat to be healthy. This is often seen in bodybuilders on their competition days as they reduce fat to show off their muscle definition. It can also be seen in people who have lost too much weight and also have a low BMI.


Not having enough body fat can lower your resistance to diseases and reduce your energy levels putting you at risk of health issues.

You may also suffer from feeling cold as you do not have the insulation your body requires. Your metabolism will also be reduced and your body will not have the calorific energy to keep you warm. As fat plays a part in controlling your hormones, extremely low fat can lead to your periods stopping and also affect the sleep hormone causing you to suffer from insomnia.


You can see that knowing your body fat ratio is an important tool in building a picture of your health. Being informed will help you to make decisions about your food choices and using Dubai Meal Plans can help you to achieve your goals and become more healthy.