5 Benefits of Signing Up To A Dubai Meal Plan Delivery Service

If you have ever thought about signing up for a healthy meal plan delivery service then you are not alone! Like thousands of other people in the UAE, you are probably on the fence as to whether paying for a meal plan is the right idea. Will it save you time and money or will it be a hassle and end up costing a fortune?


For starters, cooking, like any other skill, is fairly easy to pick up but hard to master. Sure, everyone can “cook” and heat up some chopped vegetables and whack some meat in a pan, but not everyone can do it well.


As most of you will have already found out, cooking isn’t just the act of heating things up in a pan, it’s also the time and cost to buy ingredients from the shop, the skill of choosing the right ingredients that taste good together, the act of chopping, slicing, and dicing these ingredients up so that they cook properly, the act of knowing how to schedule each step of the cooking process so you get a nice, freshly-cooked, meal at the end of all of your efforts.


However, all of these things take up precious time in your busy schedule. Cooking can be time-consuming, especially if you’re on a special diet and need to meticulously meal prep and plan what you can eat during the week. Slaving away for hours on end in the kitchen is just not an option for busy people. (Most of us!)


Thankfully, meal plan delivery services are here to save the day!


By having prepared meals delivered directly to your doorstep, you’ll be able to free yourself from the stresses of cooking and formulating a healthy meal plan for your work week.


So, how do Dubai meal plan delivery services work?


Prices, payment methods, and delivery schedules vary from one delivery plan to the next, but signing up for a meal plan is pretty straightforward in most cases.


You pay a fee, and prepared meals are sent to your doorstep in set intervals (usually every day from Sunday to Thursdays, every week). Payment is usually subscription-based, so you’re paying for your meals in advance normally in weekly or monthly amounts.


But helping you save a lot of your precious time isn’t the only benefit that you’ll get from a meal plan delivery service.


Here are some more benefits that go beyond the confines of your kitchen:


You Don’t Have To Think About Portion Control

How many grams of red meat is one portion? How much broccoli is needed for a single serving? Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about these kinds of things since meal delivery services will have already portioned out your food for you (normally depending on the number of calories you have signed up to eat).


As long as you stick to your plan, this makes it almost impossible for you to overeat or undereat- you’ll only be consuming the right amount of food that your body needs to maintain peak productivity or for the specific weight gain, weight loss, or weight maintenance that you are targeting.


You Can Easily Track Calories and Macros

If you’re pretty meticulous about your calorie intake and the macronutrients that you put into your body, then fret not, almost all delivery meal plans label their food offerings with nutritional data that supply this information. Macronutrient and calorie-tracking will be a breeze. This, in turn, can greatly help you reach your health and wellness goals (e.g. losing weight, building muscle), whatever they may be.


You Can Easily Accommodate Specialized Diets

The thing about specialized diets is that while they may be very effective in helping you achieve your health goals as fast as possible, they can be hard to prepare (and have ingredients that are harder to acquire) especially by amateur cooks. This is the reason why meal delivery services usually have plans for popular diets like Paleo, Keto, and other similar diet types. There are even vegetarian and vegan options too should you choose to want to take one of these options.


You Can Explore New Types of Food

Another great thing about healthy meal plan delivery services is the wide variety of food that they have on offer. Most services usually ensure that you get unique dishes every day of the week, with no repeats. So sometimes you’ll find yourself eating dishes that you wouldn’t normally eat in your normal diet. Not only do you get to taste new and exciting food that you haven’t tasted before, you’ll also greatly expand your knowledge about ingredients that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere and can incorporate them in to your own cooking (when you go back to it!)


You’ll Waste Less Food

When you cook for yourself, you’ll often find yourself with a surplus of ingredients that you have no other use for. You might forget some piece of mystery meat at the back of your freezer, or have a bottle of some exotic ingredient lying around somewhere that you no longer need. All this food wastage can be stressful and a big waste of money. With meal delivery plans, you only get what you can consume- no more, no less.